Water can cause a remarkable amount of damage in your home or business very quickly. What surprises many people is just how little water it takes to cause a lot of damage. Of course, when an entire basement or other area becomes flooded with several feet of water, that is only going to compound the amount of problems that are caused. Whether you have experienced severe flooding, or a problem from a small but steady leak, we can come and repair it right away. As a leading restoration company in New York we are ready to not just get the water out of your home, but actually fix or replace anything that was damaged as a result too.

Best Sewage Backup Restoration

While all types of water damage are going to be problematic, sewage backups can really be the worst. This is because it isn’t just water that is causing the issue but the actual sewage, which can contain very harmful things. Leaving this sewage in your home for even a very short amount of time can put your health at risk. Of course, this would be on top of the fact that it smells so bad that it is hard to get near.

When we come out to deal with sewage backups we have the right protective equipment to keep us safe from the health hazards, and the smell. Our commercial grade equipment will suck all the water and sewage up and out of your home without leaving a big mess along the way. Once the bulk of everything is removed, we’ll start cleaning the area to make it as if it never happened. Of course, with this type of disaster it is often necessary to replace carpet, drywall, and other things that came in contact with the sewage.

Restoring Damaged Things

Whether caused by clean water or sewage, it is often necessary to replace things in your home that are damaged in these events. Our restoration team will come in and cut out any impacted areas of rugs, drywall, and other things so they won’t further contaminate the area. Once done, we’ll replace the impacted areas with brand new pieces, and patch them in so it looks just like the original. With more than thirty years of experience working on water damage restoration projects, we know just how to make your home look like it did before the disaster.

Work with the Best Water Damage Repair Team

While many types of home projects can be done on your own, this is not one that you want to leave to chance. Cleaning up water damage is a very precise job that requires everything to go properly or you could be facing problems for many years to come. We’ll make sure that all the water is removed, and you won’t experience mold or any other issues going forward. To get in touch with us (any time, 24/7/365) please call (212) 401-1374. Thank you for learning more about NY Water Damage Repair, we hope to be able to restore your home or business to the way it should look soon.