If your home or business experiences some type of disaster it is important to know who to turn to for help. When it comes to restoring damaged areas back to normal after a fire or water problem in NYC or Manhattan, we are here for you. NY Water Damage Repair has been helping people from throughout this region for more than thirty years, which gives us the experience needed to ensure everything is restored just the way it should be. Our team is also licensed and certified so we can work with insurance companies on direct billing, and guarantee the best possible results.

Erasing Your Water Damage

Looking at a flooded basement can be depressing and make it seem like you’ll never have things back to normal again. While it can be overwhelming at first, our water damage restoration services really can get rid of all the water and repair or replace anything that was damaged in the process. We use top quality equipment and products to quickly suck out all the water from the area, which needs to be done right away to avoid further damage.

Once the water is gone, we will start replacing any damaged drywall, carpets, and other items in the area. If there is a need to have electrical work redone because of water exposure, we’ll be able to ensure that is taken care of properly too. We really are the best in the business when it comes to erasing any evidence that an area was flooded with water, and we are ready to prove it to you. We even warranty all our work so if something does go wrong, we’ll come out and fix it right away.

Taking Care of Fire Damage

The main damage that fire causes is obviously going to be the burned areas where the fire was present. Beyond that, however, there are many other issues including widespread smoke exposure, and water damage from when the fire was put out. The water damage that exists will be taken care of just like any other restoration projects, but smoke damage often takes a special approach.

We will go through and find all the areas of your home that were exposed to the smoke, and have them professionally washed to remove the smell and any discoloration. In the event that something is too damaged to repair, we can have it removed from your home and replaced with a new one right away. We never cut corners when it comes to restoring an area that has fire damage, so you can rest assured that your home or business will look like new again.

Mold Removal and Prevention

Mold is a common problem after both fires and floods. The moisture that is left behind is often a perfect breeding ground for dangerous molds, which is why it is important to remove it all immediately. We are certified as mold removal experts on both residential and commercial jobs so we will be able to find and get rid of it for you. Even if there isn’t any mold present, we know the risks are there and can treat the area to minimize the risk of it developing over time.

Contact Us Today

If you need any of our restoration services, please give us a call to talk with one of our customer service professionals. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to emergency damage repairs too. Our number is (212) 401-1374. We look forward to talking with you soon.